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The magic of finding myself looking for another job!
Finding myself looking for another job... It's a bit funny as I had envisioned myself retiring as a ticket agent, heck it all just fit so well into our lives. For some reason a long term situation just isn't where things seem to be going for me at the station.  And yet I simply get a sense that all things happen for a reason and so I'll let the universal energies spin their magic and see where I'm leading myself to next! Remembering it's not the destination but the journey itself that is the rich fabric of life! At first I felt remorse and a bit slighted with the way the change was presented. No matter, "it's not bad, it's not good, it's just what it is"; I remind myself and from that point of power I move forward, confident spirit always leads where I need to be.

Other exciting things are taking place that seem to hint at potential in new directions and activities.  I've been nonchalantly looking into doing video logs or vlogs from the garden. I could even broadcast a show or two on blogtalk radio right from the garden, the ideas are getting me experimenting with new, fun tools. Skype looks like another interesting tool and I hope more people in North America start to take advantage of it. I've got to pick up a headset as I don't currently have a mic on this laptop, with that a lot of possibilities present themselves!

And then there's my mom who's health is starting to get shaky, perhaps it's time to consider working at home on a more steady basis. Between her, the house and the dogs there is a full time job right here. I'd be able to keep up the website and other work without a lot of competition for my time. I know those are things I'd prefer to spend my time doing. If the time is right the right opportunity will present itself!

The side bar to those ideas is the desire to maintain some even, calm through these new transitions as they present themselves. Depression can often divert my best intentions and ideals. I work to maintain a hopeful expectation without unbalancing a sense of calm ease within... I find that quite a challenge at the moment. My mum has taken ill with shingles and it has started to kick her butt. She's wobbly and weak and the nerve endings are very painful! Poor thing, she's so apologetic and I keep telling her, "don't worry it's just my turn to take care of you for a change!" How magical is that?
Yes Mitt - It IS a small world, but not as small as the one you see!
Mitt Romney -  In a conversation with Wolf Blitzer on CNN said something that struck me funny; he touched on the phrase "Leader of The Free World" - and Romney suggested Obama, as the leader of the free world, is apparently not doing the job right.

I take offense to that in two ways;
  1.  I don't see Romney as the one to judge Obama, sorry IMHO Mitt is not even near presidential!
  2. Obama is the leader of the US,  not the free world.
It irks me that there is still this prevalent attitude that the border that marks The World, or at least The Free World is somehow the same border surrounding the United States of America. I know the average person thinks far more broadly than this and am discouraged that those in leadership positions still don't get it! Just wish these misinformed people would wake up to the rest of the world that exists beyond their vision!
Living Your Joy Filled Life
A blog by Katherine Wright Desai, Ph.D. caught my attention today.
( I've only recently come across Katherine's work and enjoy her perspective. )

Living Your Joy Filled Life

What do you see around you that brings you back to yourself and your joy? What reminds you that Life is meant to be joyful? Whatever the little triggers and messages, hints and nudges - watch for them and encourage them in your day to day experiences! When you see or hear them -  let them remind you of your own joy and to bring it out and let your joy shine. It might be a bird's song, the unbridled laughter of a child, a butterfly landing near you. Perhaps the lyrics of a favorite song, a smile from a stranger or maybe even just some of the new slang words in pop culture like Sweet and Juicy and Ease. Even in marketing; "Life Is Good" has become a popular slogan. The Discovery Channel has a similar promotion with an uplifting, positive message about loving life on planet earth.

I might be a bit prejudiced toward these messages and nudges; it's the main focus of my on-line work where-ever I pop up on a search. Encouraging people to watch for the magic in their own lives, seeing how little choices can make big differences, celebrating nature and our natural world. Even celebrating the human spirit immersed within it all! It has been my passion to find ways to capture magical little moments in words or photographs when possible and share them through blogs, a website, and a variety of on-line social sharing formats (I've triedFacebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picassa, Photobucket, YouTube, Lulu, Clipmarks , Care2). I've never thought much about what I was doing, rather I seemed driven to learn how and to explore a wide range of computer applications to make it happen.

Over the years the greatest benefit for me has been the ability to see beyond all the bad news, strife and grief that permeates our society. It doesn't make me ignore it or enjoy it - don't get me wrong. Simply, I can also see that there are beautiful aspects to our world as well. There are heroes of all walks of life. There are courageous and generous people in every country in the world. There are lovers and children and grandparents. There are birds and fish, flowers and trees; there are incredible sunsets and there is unmatchable beauty and it is right here in this very same world where some people have lost sight of their joy and have chosen to focus on war and anger and pain.

If Peace Were a Virus - how would it display itself?
  It's such a beautiful day here with birds singing and a lovely sky with just some thin clouds and warmer than ave temperatures. Was fondly thinking of  the silly song I put together last year, The Peace Virus. Maybe it's the weather that got me giddy enough to stop and think; if Peace were a virus - how would it present itself? What would be the symptoms? What would be the prevention - ( if that could be a concern! )

So of course I have to play with that idea... How would it look? Bright happy faces in the crowd would stand out, their very presence would influence other faces to beam and smile as well. Because these smiling people felt energized and lighter they carried on with their beaming faces affecting all they came in contact with. More and more people begin feeling lighter and energized, more confident and empowered.

It's like the concept of Pass it Forward, and the viral principle works in Pass it Forward, facebook is designed around some of the same basic principles! And all one needs to do is smile - smile from the heart - smile a big beaming smile at another human being. Send love, compassion and appreciation through that smile to as many peple you meet as you can. Some will avert their eyes...don't force a smile on anyone - should they look away, the energy simply isn't right for them in that form - they will still benefit in a subtle way.

This is one of the best times of year to try something like this because people are more likely to smile in spring than in any other time of the year, People who are "infected" with peace virus will be indistinguishable from happy people and so it will be easy to spread it without being detected!

So crew, get out there and smile your darndest and glow everywhere you go! And when you're out and about don't forget that someone may well smile at you too - send you a bit of their own Peace Virus!

Text for a lucky photograph taken this summer for a New Years greeting
Random Questions on my mind...

<3 Puppy Love <3
  1. Why raise one puppy when two can be so much more exciting?

  2. Why was Bush able to push through handouts to some of the richest in the American financial world with little argument, comparatively, and no oversight while Obama sets a course for new standards in oversight with his handouts and yet he's called a Socialist?

  3. Did you see all the space trash that can be detected in earth's atmosphere - it was clearly displayed by the CNN weather team last week. Meteorologists used radar models showing the orbits of virtually thousands and thousands of pieces of debris from satellites and other "junk".
    ( The recent collision of two orbiting eavesdroppers has added a significant amount.)

  4. Gee Whiz - what have well educated, even brilliant  scientists, astronomers and engineers been thinking? Why isn't space debris at least incinerated?
    A no-brainer from day one!

  5. Weather forecasters note; Everyone is glad the groundhog was wrong?
    Yes - I am fairly certain!
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